Winners of Dancing Stars 2023

The biggest dance show in Austria was conquered in 2023 by the professional Dimitar Stefanin. With more than 1 million viewers, the ”Bulgarian Fred Astaire” brought the highest performance and won the TV format. The high-class mixture of genius, creativity and humanity in his choreographic works of art opened new doors! The most successful show format gave Dimitar much more than a golden experience and a trophy. The only true and individual thing he found in Dancing Stars are his dance partners who eventually became good friends.

5 participations in the show and 5 life friends – he has gained through the show – a 100% success rate. Another strong proof that dancing connects and pushes boundaries. Dancing Stars can be described with the following words:

Imagine you are a young diver, you dive underwater and begin to explore the world of the Dancing Star: sometimes it gets warm, sometimes cold, often it gets loud but also very quiet, a curiosity, joy and enthusiasm fills your body. Suddenly you see a pearl lying on the seabed that shines so brightly that it dazzles you. As you swim towards it, your body becomes tired, your vision narrows and your doubts grow, and out of nowhere your best friend comes to help you reach the pearl. Together they swim up and bring the true treasure across the sea mirror, suddenly the pearl slips out of their fingers and they realize that it’s all about something else. Everything but one: The journey through a completely unknown, elegant and new world: -The world of Dancing Stars and dancing.

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