RTL Let's Dance Live Tour 2023

“Being part of a dance show like this is like traveling through the universe at the speed of light with your head sticking out of the spaceship.” – Dimitar Stefanin

Bigger, more captivating and more spectacular than ever before – that’s the motto of the Let’s Dance Live Tour 2023. From October to December, Dimitar went on tour with Europe’s most successful show program. The reigning Dancing Star took part in this masterful show program for the second time. The enchanting show was presented in 20 cities throughout Germany. A total of 150,000 spectators attended and a 150-strong crew provided an unforgettable spectacle.

Similar to the TV RTL format Let’s Dance, the show lasted 2 hours and featured numerous group and solo dances. Since 2006, celebrities from television, film, sport and entertainment have taken to the dance floor of the TV show stage alongside professional dancers. A jury, also made up of well-known personalities, then judged the performances.

The show was divided into 2 acts:
In the first act, Dimitar and his colleagues presented the following dances:
– “Showbusiness” – the colorful opening of the live tour with tap dance, live music, musical choreography and fireworks.
”Blood on the Dancefloor” – The spooky story of a girl who wakes up in her bed at midnight and is attacked by zombies – a thrilling Halloween scenario. The true Hollywood horror experience.
“Thanks for the flowers” – a cheesy summer story about a flower seller who meets the love of his life. A real Hollywood La La Land romantic fairytale.

Stefanin continued to impress in the second act:
“Flamenco Passion” – Caliente, Fuego and typical Spanish vibes are hidden under the largest skirt ever created (9 m in diameter). A dance scene in which real bullfighters demonstrate their dancing skills. Not even Step Up had a dance battle like this.
“LOVESTORY” – A marriage proposal full of inspiration for every couple out there. The ultimate wedding dance for all young families.
Every time Dimitar presented the dance, tears were streaming down his face (everyone knows he is very emotional).
“Men in Black” – An out-of-this-world story about a group of agents who protect their boss while he gets caught up in a flirtatious dance scene with the Aphrodite of his life.

From ordinary members to celebrities or professionals, everyone dances together on the dance floor. Yes, you heard right, Dimitar Stefanin has always claimed that dancing brings people together and strengthens their cohesion. Here’s a fun fact – a BBC producer once said: “Dimitar, the leather pants and plaid shirt look perfect on you, but those are definitely the hairiest legs the production has ever seen :)”
Similar to Dancing Stars, it is fair to say that Dimitar has learned a lot from an incredibly intense, impressive and captivating live tour and has incorporated it into his show repertoire. And last but not least, the friendships made in such a short time will stay with Stefanin for the rest of his life.

Here you can find the list of all professional and celebrity dancers:

  • Kathrin Menzinger
  • Vadim Garbuzov
  • Valentin Lusin
  • Ekaterina Leonova
  • Malika Dzumaev
  • Zsolt Cseke
  • Alexandru Ionel
  • Patricija Ionel
  • Katja Kalugina
  • Mariia Maksina
  • Jesse Wijnans
  • Andrzej Cibis
  • Paul Lorenz
  • Marta Arndt
  • Evgeny Vinokurov
  • Margot Weeda
  • Christina Hänni

Here you can find the list of all professional and celebrity dancers:

  • Philipp Boy
  • Abdel Karim
  • Julia Beautix
  • Anna Emrakova
  • Mimi Kraus
  • Ingolf Lück

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