Let's dance the live tour 2022 in Germany

In 2022, the Bulgarian Fred Astaire was able to take part in Europe’s biggest dance tour as a choreographer and dancer. Dimitar was able to inspire more than 1 million live viewers in 17 German cities. As a newcomer to the Let’s Dance family, his performance was awarded several times by Motsi Mambuso, Jorge Gonzales and Jochaim Lambi. In the 3 months on tour, the most spectacular choreographies and performances were created. The 1.5 hour evening show not only had breathtaking dance numbers supported by fire, fog and water, but also a special way of sending the audience home with teary eyes and smiling souls.

During his participation in the tour, Dimitar not only conquered the biggest stages in Germany, but also made friends for life. Professionals such as Kathrin Menzinger, Vadim Garbuzov, Valentin Lusin, Renata Lusin, Zsolt Cseke and Malika Uzmanova are particularly close to his heart. During the tour, Dimitar danced with celebrities, actors, athletes and presenters. But there is one thing he remembers in particular: the adrenaline, the fear and the pure excitement of being on stage with 15,000 people watching at the same time. Let’s Dance is not just a show, but a carnival of emotions!

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