Feature film "Everything becomes visible in the end"

1964 After decades, Josef returns to his hometown to look for his childhood sweetheart. Is she still alive? Will she recognize him? Can things go back to the way they were? The poetry of a lifelong love, clouded by a poisonous political atmosphere fueled by a mysterious series of murders. And the perpetrators are always the same – from generation to generation.

In 2023, Dimitar is expected to perform his first speaking role and an exciting group dance choreography in a movie that took more than 6 months to prepare. The movie, which will be shown on the big screen, portrays a world full of secrets, intrigue and political division. The dance scenes take place in two dimensions: in the protagonist’s youth and in his later years. The choreography in this masterful film is varied, traditional, dynamic and particularly entertaining. Thanks to an excellent team of 40 dancers under the direction of Dimitar, outstanding dance pieces have been created that not only support the drama of the film, but also open up a new world to the audience.

Dimitar’s role in the dance scenes is crucial to the overall context of the film. Creating a suspenseful arc for a movie is a challenging and complex task. The dance scenes serve as a contrast between the cruel murders of the protagonist and the unbreakable love of the main characters. My aim was to create a choreography that celebrates the festivity of human relationships. The idea for the choreography arose from the desire to show the beauty of human relationships.

The development process was a challenge, but with the help of the excellent team, Dimitar was able to overcome the difficulties. To begin with, he researched and created various dance scenarios. A visit to a similar folk dance festival helped him. Even though Stefanin is not a big fan of festivals, he was inspired by the simplicity of the movements and developed the perfect dance piece.

The success of the film on the German-speaking market and worldwide was remarkable. The fact that it made it to the cinemas is already a great success and shows the broad interest in this genre. The film was also invited to the awards ceremony in Beijing, which was a complete success. It was recently presented at Brazil’s biggest film festival in San Paolo, where all the cinemas were packed.


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