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Dancing Stars Bulgaria 2024

In the last 4 months, Bulgaria hosted the most popular and spectacular dance reality show in the world – Dancing Stars. Dimitar Stefanin, one of the most respected and experienced choreographers in the country, was invited to participate as a professional mentor whose task was to prepare and train a famous Bulgarian personality from public and cultural life to participate in the show.

In this highly anticipated reality show, Stefanin began his journey alongside the popular and talented TV presenter Natalie Trifonova. The two met in December and immediately embarked on the difficult but inspiring process of creating unique choreographies and exciting performances under their artistic stage persona “Firebird”. In the very first episode of Dancing Stars aired on bTV, the dance duo clearly stated their ambitions and desire to compete for the title.

After 15 weeks of tiring but inspiring training, Stefanin and Trifonova managed to win the honorary third place and a bronze medal among all 16 participants in the format. This remarkable success remained as an unforgettable proof of what is possible when two people believe in each other, support each other and work together with tireless dedication to achieve their goals.

Their best performances you can find bellow:

_ Paso Doble on the song ‘’Run boy Run’’ Go to video
_ Rumba – ’’Stay with me’’ Sam Smith Go to video
_ Tango – ’’Bills Bills ’’ Destiny’s child Go to video
_ Contemporary- ’’Beneath your beautiful ’’ Labyrinth Go to video
_ Cha Cha Cha- Blurred lines’’ ’’Robin Thicke Go to Video
_ Quickstep- ’’Show me how you Burlesque’’ Christina AngulieraGo to video

Their inspiring story has not only delighted millions of Dancing Stars viewers, but has also played a key role in making their dreams come true, strengthening their creative partnership and proving the undeniable fact that when mind, talent and heart go hand in hand, there is no limit to the achievements that can be accomplished.

Throughout the wonderful dance project, the duo not only danced and had fun, but even forged friendships with some of the most creative and exceptional individuals in the arts, sports and film in Bulgaria. These are the unique singer Dara, the famous actor Daniel Peev, the talented musician Papi Hans, Dr. Shchonova and the beloved actor Philip Bukov.

The project was truly inspiring and enriched the participants in many ways. “This will remain one of the most significant projects in my career and life,” says Dimitri. “It showed me what true trust, warmth and collegiality is in a creative environment.”

Working alongside such talented and renowned individuals was an incredible chance to broaden horizons and draw inspiration from their energy and professionalism. The participants not only had fun, but also learned a lot from each other, exchanging ideas and experiences. It was a truly unforgettable experience that will undoubtedly leave a lasting mark in the hearts and memories of all who participated.

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