Cinema production

”I was wearing a watermelon” -Dirty Dancing
Stefanin created his first masterpiece in the world of Hollywood according to this motto.

Sweet, round and with a lot of weight, his choreography has been used in films such as ”Am Ende wird alles sichtbar” and ”The Best Christmas Ball Ever” and ”Ballavita” (the first VR film). Under Dimitar’s artistic direction, more than 50 professional dancers have worked together for Austria’s biggest productions. They were later nominated for awards at film festivals in Venice, Italy and Beijing, China.

What Stefanin found most exciting about creating the film choreographies was the mix between modern and classical, between new and ancient dance styles. While working on the set, she developed an infinite love for acting. Developing choreography for a movie is like preparing a smoothie.

“You take your favorite ingredients and mix them in the blender with the hope that something tasty will emerge! Sometimes it’s green and sweet, sometimes red and spicy.” – Dimitar Stefanin

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