About me


“Listening to music, feeling a movement and then dancing is one thing. Breaking down a movement into its components and teaching it to someone else is quite another. I admire good trainers and teachers. My ambition is to be one of the best myself one day. That’s what I’m working on, and I really enjoy it.”

Dimitar has been dancing since he was 7 years old. Born in Bulgaria, he has lived in Vienna for several years. He is a cosmopolitan, a traveler, a researcher who gets to the bottom of all aspects of dance – in whichever country he happens to be. The curiosity and openness with which Dimitar explores the world of dance is reflected in his work and has led him to great success.

Career highlights

  • 4-time national champion in the categories combination and standard dances
  • Winner of the dance show Dancing Stars 2023 (with dance partner Missy May)
  • Taking part in the dance show Let’s Dance 2022
  • Award-nominated choreographer of the feature film production “Everything becomes visible in the end”
  • State-certified dance master since September 2020
  • Dance coach of Missy May, Tamara Mascara, Kristina Inhof, Riem Higazi


The storyteller

You can only be truly successful if, in addition to dancing perfection, you have the gift of telling a captivating story, transporting the audience into another world with a mixture of creativity, precision and dedication, transforming the stage into a magical place and bringing ideas to life. From the planning to the organization to the realization of a spectacular stage show, Dimitar convinces with professionalism and exceptional talent in the art of storytelling. This has secured him a permanent place in the Austrian entertainment industry.

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Dancing Stars

If Dancing Stars were just a show featuring a sequence of standard and Latin American dances, it would not thrill an audience of millions. The kick comes when celebrities show their human side, their feelings, allow change and grow with their task. As a professional, Dimitar is an expert companion on this journey through unknown worlds. Above all, he is a friend to whom the celebrities also confide their fears and reveal their weaknesses. With Dimitar, they experience failure just as intensely as the indescribable exhilaration of success. He skillfully takes them to and beyond their limits. This results in show acts that inspire and touch… and friendships that last beyond the show.


Let’s dance, the live tour

In 2022, Dimitar, aka “The Bulgarian Fred Astaire”, was invited to take part in the biggest dance tour in Europe. This took him through 17 German cities in three months. His performances were witnessed live by millions of dance enthusiasts. The judges? Motsi Mambuso, Jorge Gonzales and Jochaim Lambi gave him top marks several times. Together with the other professionals Kathrin Menzinger, Vadim Garbuzov, Valentin Lusin, Renata Lusin, Zsolt Cseke and Malika Uzmanova, he coached prominent actors, athletes and presenters. Together, they brought unforgettable dance shows to Germany’s biggest stages and created a brilliant carnival of emotions with artistic masterpieces.

Film productions

Choreographing for a movie requires different talents than choreographing for a stage production. Dimitar is multi-talented and therefore also a full professional in this profession. He has already worked with more than 50 dancers on set for major productions. He imaginatively combines classical and modern dance styles, spanning an imaginative arc from ancient to contemporary dance. Numerous productions in which he has been involved have been nominated for awards at film festivals in Venice and Beijing (“Everything Becomes Visible at the End”, “The Best Christmas Ball Ever” and “Ballavita”, the first virtual reality film).

Jury appearances

Dimitar is an international judge with over 10 years of experience in show business. His USPs include professional competence, years of experience as a presenter, social intelligence, strong decision-making and entertainment skills. He has been able to demonstrate these in the biggest national and international dance tournaments, fashion shows, TV formats and film productions. Anyone who is exceptionally good at something is happy to pass on their knowledge. Dimitar is the perfect partner in talent scouting and promotes young dancers in a humorous and motivating way.


As a dance professional, Dimitar is used to being the center of attention and captivating his audience. As a choreographer, he creates dramaturgy and sequences with pinpoint accuracy and sets brilliant accents. These talents stand him in good stead in his role as presenter: here, too, the timing must be right, he must not lose track of what is going on, he must be able to improvise and always remain light and entertaining. Dimitar not only skillfully guides his dance partners across the stage, he also manages entire events with aplomb and provides guests with an unforgettable evening. Every gala, conference or festival involves a lot of preparation time and high costs. Rely on an absolute professional. Dimitar also gets top marks in this area.

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