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Active listening is the best way to get started
In a no-obligation initial consultation, Dimitar focuses on gaining a comprehensive understanding of your vision. He is not “only” one of the most booked professional dancers and choreographers in Austria, but also an empathetic listener. Customers are satisfied when they feel understood. We recommend an initial meeting in the brainstorming phase to work out the key points of the show with you step by step.

When the art of creation leads to an enthusiastic response
Like a top chef, Dimitar uses only the best ingredients for his creations. The choice of music, the dosage and timing of the lighting accents, the sequence of dance elements and styles and the dramaturgy are all part of Dimitar’s art: a choreography with a strong message that is perfectly tailored to the customer’s wishes. Dimitar’s expertise and professionalism, coupled with his infectious enthusiasm, result in unforgettable and memorable shows that leave no one untouched.

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Let’s dance!
Every party, every event, every team-building event needs a highlight. A dance workshop or a rousing show will get everyone moving together. Dimitar’s individually tailored choreographies motivate, are fun and bring people together in a special way. His dance programs lend every event a cheerful mood, a creative atmosphere and an unforgettable flair.

Fun Fact Surprise
Why not start a family celebration by dancing or spin your colleagues in circles at a company party? Why not make team building a breeze with a quick step? Everyone loves surprises and dazzling highlights. Dancing Star Dimitar is guaranteed to give your event an extra star. With atmospheric dance programs and infectious cheerfulness, he conjures up magic moments in every round.

Don’t forget the pink Polaroid cameras to capture these special moments forever. Turn your company party, family celebration or event into an extraordinary experience that will be remembered for a long time to come.

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Rely on a professional and enjoy a glittering ball night
Dimitar is equally adept at the smooth running of a ball and the visually stunning staging of a ball choreography. Anyone who has brilliantly mastered events such as the Life Ball, the Kaffeesiederball or the Ärzteball can be trusted unconditionally. Dimitar’s tailor-made programs offer spectacular performances that are seamlessly integrated into the course of the ball. He skillfully develops a perfect dramaturgy and spans the arc from the ceremonial opening to interspersed show acts to the magical midnight interlude.

Dancing star with brains, heart and humour
Especially when it comes to designing and organizing large-scale events, it quickly becomes clear who can bring true competence to bear. Dimitar’s list of references testifies to the high quality of his choreographic work and his extensive expertise. But he can do even more: with his infectious naturalness, his wonderful sense of humor and his incredible energy, he motivates everyone who works with him to perform at their best. This mix makes his ballroom choreographies unique, unforgettable and legendary.

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Dance training instead of the gym
Fitness has many facets, it can also be fun and make you dizzy. Did you dream of dancing as a child, spinning in circles with your dream ball gown in front of your eyes? Do you like to lead, but don’t dare to take the first step? As your personal mentor, Dimitar will gently and humorously introduce you to the art of ballroom dancing. With him by your side, turns will be effortless. His motivational skills will make stiff hips supple and tired legs lively.

At eye level with the dance professional
The world of dance is pure fascination. Dimitar has made it his profession, gained many years of experience and won Dancing Stars 2023 with Missy May. Passing on this extensive knowledge is also an art that Dimitar masters with ease. The exclusive private lessons are perfectly tailored to your individual needs and goals, whether you already have dance experience or are just starting out. Dimitar designs every lesson with positive energy and pure joie de vivre. In no time at all, you will feel confident and self-assured on the dance floor – on a par with the professionals.

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Dance gives love wings
Most of us only walk down the aisle once in our lives. The expectations of this celebration of love are correspondingly high. Celebrate the happy day of your life as a couple with a professional at your side. You have to take care of everything else, leave the composition of the dance steps to Dimitar. In a wedding choreography tailored to you, he condenses love, connection and trust into a dance and musical synthesis of the arts. In every movement, every turn, every turn towards each other, your love will become tangible for your guests – an unforgettable gift!

A celebration of joy
Without joy, love is boring. The wedding dance should create a good mood, ignite a fire of joy. From the romantic waltz to the hot cha-cha-cha to the lively boogie, Dimitar transforms your wedding dances into a magical moment full of sparkling joy and sparkling passion. It’s not for nothing that the Dancing Star 2023 is a master at setting off dance fireworks that light up every wedding sky.

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The recognition effect
Dimitar not only performs to elegant perfection on the dance floor, he can also do advertising and acting. Ever since his brilliant victory on Dancing Stars 2023, his smiling face has become an unmistakable brand. With his charisma, exuberant joy and lightness of touch, he has danced his way into the
hearts of Austrians. As an advertising ambassador, Dimitar mobilizes positive associations with your customers and adds emotional value to your products.

Creative expression makes a lasting impression
With more than ten years of experience in the international advertising business, Dimitar knows how to showcase his charisma. He brings his clients’ products and messages to life. Authenticity, creativity, professionalism and first-class product presentation are among Dimitar’s USPs in every campaign. His references speak for themselves: Austrian Airlines, Wiener Linien, ORF, Möbelix and ION TV have all successfully relied on the dance professional.

“Stefanin impresses with her authenticity, charisma and excellent product presentation. Simply first class.” ORF

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